Clear Touch

This retouching solution provides everything you need to present a great image! Our retouching artists start with the skin, removing any blemishes and evening out skin tones to give your clients’ portraits a healthy, natural appearance.  We then brighten, sharpen and whiten the eyes and finish with teeth whitening to complete the look.

Blemishes, Teeth Whitening, Eye Whitening

$2.95 per image*

Max Touch

Our gold standard, DIF Max Touch represents 12+ years in the business of retouching digital images.  We have developed a full service image retouching process that is unrivaled.  We master your image to your specifications from hair to necklines and everything around and in between.  Custom profiles provide you with control and unprecedented communication with our retouch artists.

Blemishes, Lip Smoothing, Eye Whitening, Dust Removal, Under Eyes, Stray Hairs, Teeth Whitening, and Balancing

$5.95 per image*

Basic Group Retouching

$2.75 per face

All Basic Retouching services performed on a multi subject image. Up to 5 faces

Large Group Retouching

$15.00 flat fee

All Basic Retouching services performed on a multi subject image with 6 or more faces.



Subject face/head replacement from another image in the session.

Advanced Head Swap


Same as head swap if further modification or rebuilding of subject is necessary.



Removal of braces on upper or lower set of teeth.

Advanced Brace Removal:


Removal of braces on top and bottom teeth and gum modification if necessary. 

Eye Glass

$3.50 per eye

Removal of softbox or flash reflection in eyeglass lens and color cast correction and density restoration.

Object Color Change


Color change of an images background, a clothing item or any other element in an image.



Slimming of one aspect of a subject.

Full Body Weight Reduction


Slimming of several aspects of a subject.  



Basic color and density adjustment of a RAW image.

Double Process Raw Conversion


Basic color and density adjustment of a RAW image and localized adjustments. 

Specialty Sharpening


Full image or subject only sharpening. RAW image preferred.

Specialty B&W or Sepia


De-saturation with density and custom toning.

White Sweep Cleaning


Basic studio floor dust removal and complete whitening of off-white backgrounds.

Background Change


Addition of a custom background to a subject shot on green screen.

Wedding Album Retouch

$2.00 per image

Balance, full bride retouch, groom blemishes, exit sign removal and skin smoothing on all subjects.


$60.00 Per Hour

This can include image combining, add/remove subjects from images, etc… All can be quoted.

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