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DIF – Premier Retouching  

Retouching photographs for photographers world wide since 2004, we spend the time to master your images, finalizing your ultimate vision.  We pride ourselves in being completely US based.  All of our people work in our Massachusetts offices.
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Clear Touch

This retouching solution provides everything you need to present a great image! Our retouching artists start with the skin, removing any blemishes and evening out skin tones to give your clients’ portraits a healthy, natural appearance.  We then brighten, sharpen and whiten the eyes and finish with teeth whitening to complete the look.


Blemishes, Teeth Whitening, Eye Whitening

$2.95 per image*

Max Touch

Our gold standard, DIF Max Touch represents 12+ years in the business of retouching digital images.  We have developed a full service image retouching process that is unrivaled.  We master your image to your specifications from hair to necklines and everything around and in between.  Custom profiles provide you with control and unprecedented communication with our retouch artists.


Blemishes, Lip Smoothing, Eye Whitening, Dust Removal, Under Eyes, Stray Hairs, Teeth Whitening, and Balancing

$5.95 per image*

Our services

retouching is an art…and the best decision for your business you will ever make. Retouching can really make the difference , expectations are high, and the retouching has to represent that. DIF was created to provide high end digital retouching to photographers without breaking the bank. Our service was created to retouch anything from school children to weddings to models.


  • Digital Imaging Firm is a custom retouching company that allows me to do what I love: shoot and spend more time with my family. I still am able to add my personal touch to each image but am not spending countless hours retouching. I LOVE Digital Imaging Firm!

    Kimberly Wylie Kimberly Wylie Photography
  • DIF has been an invaluable asset to our business. Their services are exceptional in both quality and value. I am consistently amazed at the finished files that they quickly return to us, fully retouched and optimized, in the file format I requested, at the size I need for making my large wall portraits. The archiving and storage obligation that they have undertaken is also a critical benefit to us as creative artists. The backup security and piece of mind that those services provide would be worth their fees all by themselves. Their staff is consistently helpful and friendly and they have HUGE hearts, often volunteering their services when clients have family tragedies or severe accidents, etc. I appreciate their work a great deal and refer many new studios to them on a regular basis. I am very proud to have been a small part of their growth and success through my patronage of their services.

    Levi S. Nilsson Apogee Studios, Anchorage AK,Owner
  • Digital Imaging Firm - in Springfield, MA supplies quick service but even better - excellent results. This company was recommended, highly, by Craig McNeil of McNeil Designer Portraits, who raved about the quality and customer service. Prices are much less than at a lab. Don't spend valuable photography, marketing and selling hours sitting at the computer retouching! Let the experts at DIF free up your time.

    Sterling Hofman Destination Portrait Artist Sterling Portraits, LLC

Where We Are

The Digital Imaging Firm has been producing high quality retouching for photographers Internationally for over 12 years. Our work encompasses every genre from modeling to babies. Our staff of retouchers are all trained photographers with experience in the field. We have design services that include: Album Design (senior and wedding), Album retouching, and Extractions.

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