Redefining Dedication in Photography

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It’s time to redefine dedication to include imagination when it comes to photography. You’re a great photographer.  You’re running a business.  You’re dedicated to making that photography business not just grow, but thrive.  You eat, sleep, and breathe all things photographic in order to make it all work.  In short you’re dedicated.  But at what point does that wonderful sense of commitment trip you up?

Consider this quote from writer Mark Twain for a moment:

Photographer Credit: live in your

Photographer Credit:

Sometimes we’re so hell-bent on focus, so lost in messing with F-stops until it makes our heads spin, so worried about props, pricing, profits, clients….and the list goes on, that we miss the forest for the trees. We forget that by putting some quiet time aside for imagination we may unexpectedly find that AHA! moment that will make that pressing business problem much easier to solve.  By setting aside some time to truly engage with what inspires us – whether it be art, music, reading or just daydreaming we’ll be able to build that bridge between productivity and creativity.

Photo Credit:  Mike Brake, Dreamstime Stock Photo

Photo Credit: Mike Brake, Dreamstime Stock Photo,

So embrace perseverance with grace when you’re under pressure and it all hits the fan.  When your most important client calls and needs it NOW and you’re trying to keep it all together.  Step back and be still.  Take time to imagine the future for just a few minutes.  By doing so you just may find that the stillness will propel you forward, allowing you to take your photography business from ho-humming along to WOW!

Take the time to dream. And remember the power of delegation when you truly don’t have the time to spare.

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