"Introducing: Clear Touch"

Our retouching solution provides everything you need to present a great image! Our retouching artists start with the skin, removing any blemishes and evening out skin tones to give your clients’ portraits a healthy, natural appearance. We then brighten, sharpen and whiten the eyes and finish with teeth whitening to complete the look.

Starting at $2.95

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"Our Staple: Max Touch"

Our gold standard, DIF Max Touch represents 8+ years in the business of retouching digital images. We have developed a full service image retouching process that is unrivaled. We master your image to your specifications from hair to necklines and everything around and in between. Custom profiles provide you with control and unprecedented communication with our retouch artists.

Starting at $5.95

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Our View

Retouching can really make the difference with a photographers images. Consumers have been bombarded with retouching from commercials to magazines. Expectations are high, and the retouching has to represent that. DIF was created to provide high end digital retouching to photographers without breaking the bank. The service was created to retouch anything from school children to weddings to models.

Where We Are

The Digital Imaging Firm has been producing high quality retouching for photographers Internationally for over 5 years. Our work encompasses every genre from modeling to babies. Our staff of retouchers are all trained photographers with experience in the field. We have design services that include: Album Design (senior and wedding), Album retouching, and Extractions.

Where We Are Going

Ever expanding our services and improving our quality, DIF wishes to become the #1 provider of retouching to photographers internationally. Our goal is not in the number of images, or number of clients. We want DIF to be known for its incredible quality and customer service. We will do all we can to help our clients succeed!

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